TECNO IMPIANTI INTERNATIONAL: since 1990, the sea at your fingertips

Tecno Impianti International is an Italian company that specializes in seafood tanks and industrial systems for storing crustaceans and fish and purifying molluscs. Since 1990 we have been offering highly efficient, practical and comprehensive solutions for the needs of the fishmongering and catering trades, from design and production through to sale and maintenance.
Easy to operate and requiring only minimum maintenance, all systems are designed and constructed to keep and display products in full view while keeping them perfectly alive and healthy until needed for sale.

Our company works throughout Italy and abroad, and continues to grow thanks to the maximum quality of our products and services. Dynamic and always ready to satisfy the needs and requests of our customers with new solutions created for all specific requirements, our constant quest is to improve our quality even more.

Our customers include several major supermarket chains, mollusc purification facilities and restaurants and fishmongers of all dimensions, offering everyone the same high levels of service and attention.

This is why our best advertising is free, by word of mouth of our customers, who see us more as partners than a suppliers, in a relationship of trust that grows with the passing of time.

Every day in fact we listen carefully to our customers’ needs and problems, always willing to discuss possible solutions and offering maximum versatility for our constructions and assistance services.

In addition, we aim to supply systems with increasingly higher performance levels, reliable, innovative, attractive but at the same time long-lasting. This is why Tecno Impianti International boasts a strong vocation for technological innovation and research into design, combined with extreme craftsman skills in the construction and finishing of every single system.

We also dedicate the same care and attention to our customer assistance services, and we can always be reached, providing you with all the skill and experience of the same technicians who designed and built the product we supplied you with.

Our absolute aim is always to guarantee the highest possible quality of your seafood products at all times, in full view and perfectly alive and healthy until needed for sale.

For your maximum business success!