The first step, before moving on to the actual design, is the feasibility study during which we collect all the information necessary to identify your needs and specificities.
The second step is that of technical planning, in which we go to identify the technical and design solutions best suited to you and your business: we take care of every detail and component of the project, with the aim of finding the right solution to the problems to be solved .
This is why, before being put into production, we carry out more projects and make more proposals, which we will discuss with you, among which you can choose the one that best suits your storage, space and budget needs.

In addition, we aim to supply systems with increasingly higher performance levels, reliable, innovative, attractive but at the same time long-lasting. This is why Tecno Impianti International boasts a strong vocation for technological innovation and research into design, combined with extreme craftsman skills in the construction and finishing of every single system.
We also dedicate the same care and attention to our customer assistance services, and we can always be reached, providing you with all the skill and experience of the same technicians who designed and built the product we supplied you with.
Our absolute aim is always to guarantee the highest possible quality of your seafood products at all times, in full view and perfectly alive and healthy until needed for sale.
For your maximum business success!