Innovation and design.

It is the proposal addressed to demanding restaurateurs for a unique and particularly refined furnishing of the fish market corner.  The function is to furnish, thus stimulating the consumer’s attention and interest on the quality and freshness of the fish product that will soon be proposed to them, in a scenario of hygiene and refinement of the structure.

The fish counter is made entirely of satin-finished sturdy 316 stainless steel, expertly assembled and finished, with the glass-crustacean display tank, painted edges and corners, and LED lighting system to enhance the precious crustaceans kept alive and vital until their use.

The plant can be customized in size, shape and covering.

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  • Technical characteristics:
    Power supply: 230 V;
    Double-glazed tank;
    Fish counters in 316 stainless steel ;
    Support structure in satin – finished 316 stainless steel;
    One-piece cooling unit with titanium coil and digital display thermostat;
    Perlon wool prefilter;
    Active carbon cylinder filter;
    Biological filter with Lithothamnium calcareum algae;
    Plumbing system compliant with legal standards;
    Water aeration/oxygenation system, silent and uniform;
    Electrical system compliant with IP55 standards;
    LED lighting.
  • Optional
    Sterilization unit with U.V. lamp and Teflon tubes;
    Customizable dimensions and paneling.
  • Dimensions and storage capacity
    Crustaceans tank dimensions : mm 1100x500x700 h;
    Display counter for fish dimensions : mm 2000x450x150 h;
    Total dimension :mm 2000x1000x1400 h;
  • Storage
    10 kg lobsters.