Two different habitats, same freshness at your hands

Twin double-glazed tanks, elegantly finished with painted edges and corners, with independent operation to allow seafood products with different needs for salinity and temperature to be kept and displayed.
The structure in anodized tubular aluminium and laminated panels is perfect in its styling and construction details, and is available with customizable dimensions and surface finishes.
Ideal for fishmongers and restaurants, to offer customers all the freshness and flavour of the sea’s products, directly and in full view.

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  • Technical characteristics
    Power supply: 230V
    Structure in anodized tubular aluminium with laminated panels
    Double-glazed display tank
    Cooling unit with enviroment-friendly gas, titanium evaporator and digital thermostat
    Pump with low power consumption
    Ultraviolet sterilization unit with teflon tubes
    Led lighting
    Perlon wool prefilter
    Hyperactive carbon cylinder filter
    Biologiacal filter with Lithotamnium Calcareum algae
    Plumibing system compliant with legal standards
    water aeration system silent and uniform throughout tank
    Eletrical system compliant with IP55 standards
  • Dimensions and storage capacity:
    Dimensions: mm 1300x900x1470h
    Power consumption: 1430 W
    storage : 50 kg molluscs, 20 kg common lobsters or 15 kg spiny lobster
  • Standard accessory kit:
    n° 2x20kg packs of synthetic sea salt specific for crustacean;
    n° 1 hydrometer ;
    n° 1 scoop net ;
    n° 1 bottle of bacteria;
    n° 1 crustacean grip;